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The Paint Store in Morgantown, WV and Thomas, WV offers Benjamin Moore’s complete line of industrial and commercial primers and coatings for the fabrication industry, schools, hospitals, office buildings, highways, bridges, swimming pools, and other high-use facilities. Whether you need a primer, epoxy, enamel, urethane or other severe environment formula, we offer the coatings you need to protect your concrete, steel, brick, asphalt, and drywall surfaces from some of the most extreme assaults. Attractive, flat to high-gloss, polished results with toughness and easy cleanup make these products your practical solution for enduring performance and protection against rust, corrosion, acids, alkalis, chlorine, impacts, foot and vehicle traffic, and much more.

Corotech Enamels, Epoxies, Urethanes, Cleaners and Solvents

Not sure which primer or coating will work best for your application? View Corotech’s Product Guide here or call The Paint Store for personalized assistance: 304-241-5067.

Corotech Waterborne Flat Primers

Acrylic Metal Primer, Water-reducible Epoxy Ester Primer, and Waterborne Bonding Primer offer alkyd performance with easy application and exceptional performance. Excellent wetting properties, corrosion inhibiting pigments, rust resistance, and easier cleanup.

Corotech Specialty Enamels

Choose semi-gloss Electrostatic Alkyd Enamel for ferrous and non-ferrous applications. Rust inhibitors and a hard, durable finish. Choose Silicone Alkyd Hi Heat Coating to protect steel boilers, heat stacks and exchangers, kilns, incinerators, and more. Aluminum color is great for industrial machinery, ducts, and exhaust vents. Resistant to mild industrial chemicals and moisture.

Corotech Alkyd Primers

Choose from Fabrication, Shop Coat, Universal Metal, and Shop Primer for high-performance rust inhibitors and corrosion protection that lasts for years. Quick drying and suitable for USDA-inspected facilities. Electrostatic application possible after polarization.

Corotech High-Performance Epoxies

Epoxy Mastic Coatings, 100% Solids Floor Coating, Polyamide and Polyamide Fast-dry Epoxy Coatings, as well as Acrylic and Amine Epoxy provide a range of tough protection for heavy-duty performance in some of the most challenging industrial environments, including vehicle traffic, mild to heavy chemical exposure, steam, and other applications that demand a heavier barrier. Ideal for floors, machinery, structural membranes, tanks, boats, and more.

Corotech Specialty and Floor Primers

Choose from low lustre Clear Acrylic Sealer, semi-gloss Moisture Tolerant Quick-set Epoxy Sealer, semi-gloss 100% Solids Epoxy Pre-primer, flat Organic Zinc-rich Primer, and flat Polyamide Epoxy Primer for a variety of applications ranging from corrosion inhibition for ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, moist masonry applications, concrete, steel, and protection in environments likely to experience chemical and fume exposure, solvents, acids, and alkalis.

Corotech High-Performance Urethanes

Semi-gloss and gloss Aliphatic Acrylic Urethane and high gloss Aliphatic Urethane Coating, gloss Aromatic Moisture-cured Urethane and Polyester Urethane, gloss Quick-cure System Polyaspartic Topcoat, flat Quick-cure System Polyurea Basecoat, and gloss Waterborne Urethane offer several heavy-duty protective options. UV protection, low VOCs, and outstanding durability in heavy-use applications make these high-performance urethanes a great choice for many industrial applications.

Corotech Waterborne Enamels

Acrylic DTM Enamel in gloss and semi-gloss, Pre-Catalyzed Waterborne Wall Epoxy in eggshell and semi-gloss, Quick Dry Acrylic Spray DTM, and Water Reducible Alkyd Enamel in gloss offer options for residential and light to moderate commercial and industrial protection. Protect corrugated metal, wood, galvanized aluminum, drywall, masonry, and more. Clear and colored options.

Corotech Alkyd Enamels

Gloss and semi-gloss Alkyd Urethane Enamel, high-gloss High Solids Rapid Dry Enamel and Rapid Dry Alkyd Enamel, and gloss and semi-gloss Quick Dry Alkyd Enamel provide a wide range of drying times from just 10 minutes for a hard scratch and impact-resistant coating to guard against corrosion and rust.

Corotech Cleaning, Solvents, and Specialty Products

Filler, Alkyd Gloss and Hardness Catalyst, Anti-Slip Aggregate, Brushing Reducer, Citrus Based Cleaner, Coal Tar Epoxy, Concrete & Masonry Etcher, Epoxy Thinner, Oil & Grease Emulsifier, Rust Arrestor, Urethane Reducer, Waterborne Epoxy Block Filler, and Xylene.

INSL-X Pool Paint, Traffic Paint, Sports Court and Specialty Coatings

We also carry INSL-X Prime Lock Plus, Aqua Lock Plus, STIX, Seal Lock, and the complete INSL-X line of primers, traffic coatings, sports court athletic coatings, specialty coatings, garage, interior, and exterior floor and masonry coatings, and pool paints.

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The Paint Store offers commercial and industrial painting contractor services. Our Morgantown Paint Crew and our Thomas Paint Crew is ready to help you achieve a gorgeous, fresh look business needs. As your trusted locally owned and operated painting crew, we are standing by and ready to get started. Contact us for a complimentary estimate on any of our cost-effective services.

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