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Do you need something painted or stained in Morgantown or the surrounding area? Call the Morgantown Paint Crew! We handle a broad range of residential, commercial and industrial painting, staining, and coating projects. The Morgantown Paint Crew is locally based and ready to save you time, money, and resources with our professional, streamlined approach.

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About Us

The Morgantown Paint Crew has quickly earned a reputation as a professional painting contractor dedicated to providing reliable, quality painting services at a reasonable price. We are locally owned and operated crews who have established ourselves through our reputation and word-of-mouth advertising. After hearing how hard it was to track us down, we finally decided to create an online presence to help residents throughout the area find us more easily.

Who Is the Morgantown Paint Crew?

We are a group composed of crews of professional interior and exterior residential painters, interior and exterior commercial painters, industrial painters, and automotive painting/auto body specialists.

How Many Painters are on a Crew?

For most projects, 2 to 4 painters will be at the site. This is for standard projects. In some cases, only one painter may be required, while for others, several crews may work together.

Why Should I Choose the Morgantown Paint Crew?

The Morgantown Paint Crew is dedicated to your complete satisfaction. We offer customized painting solutions with the world’s finest paints, stains, and coatings. We are licensed and insured for your peace of mind and dedicated to delivering professional results. Choose us for exceptional painting results backed by unparalleled customer service in Morgantown and throughout our entire service area.

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Let the Pros Enhance Your Look

When you choose the Morgantown Paint Crew, you are selecting a team of professionals who enjoy what we do. We look forward to communicating with you and offering positivity in everything from our attitudes to our work ethic. We are ready to work with you to transform and refresh your vehicle paint, and spaces inside and outside your home or business. Stop into The Paint Store and let the Morgantown Paint Crews know what we can do to help you. We invite you to browse color options and select samples for your project. Contact us at: 304-241-5067.