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The Paint Store – Morgantown, WV & Thomas, WV

The Paint Store in Morgantown, WV and Thomas, WV has everything you need to prepare and stain your interior and exterior wood projects with ease. From sandpaper and tack cloth to thinners, cleaners, stain, and more, your beautiful deck, wood floor, or refinishing projects begin here.

If you are planning to stain your deck, before committing to a product, keep in mind the level of exposure to the sun, rain, snow, ice, freeze/thaw, and foot traffic your deck will endure. By selecting a durable, professional-grade stain and applying it correctly, you can save significant time and money by avoiding repeated reapplications each year. The finest brands can endure for many years without a touch-up.

Arborcoat Waterborne Exterior Stain for Decks and Exterior Wood

For exceptional beauty and performance that lasts and lasts, choose Arborcoat Waterborne Exterior Stain by Benjamin Moore. This stain has been developed using the most advanced product engineering to endure even the harshest exposure to the elements and seasonal assaults ranging from extreme heat and cold to constant UV exposure while remaining as fresh as the day it was applied. Superior penetration, a renewable clear coat, and UV protection help Arborcoat beat the competitors in all categories.

Lenmar Fine Wood Interior Stain, Varnish, and Floor Finishing Sealants

Choose from Waterborne Interior Wiping Wood Stain, Spar Varnish, Aqua-Plastic Waterborne Urethane, and a complete line of fine wood and wood floor finishing, coating, sealants, and cleaners. Beautify and protect furniture, trim, cabinets, floors, and all types of interior wood surfaces with confidence.

ZAR Oil-based Interior Wood Stain

For the easiest wipe-on, streak-free application that stains and seals in one pass, choose ZAR. ZAR has been the trusted choice of homeowners since 1932. No stripping is necessary. ZAR can even be used on non-wood, non-porous surfaces for colorant and decorative purposes. This oil-based stain is rich, full-bodied, and provides superior coverage for all types of wood and craft projects. Choose from 22 beautiful ready mixed colors or tint to suit your needs. Available in half pint, quart, and gallon sizes.

Leave It to the Morgantown or Thomas Paint Crew!

The Paint Store offers interior and exterior staining contractor services. Our Morgantown Paint Crew and our Thomas Paint Crew is ready to help you achieve a gorgeous, fresh look for your home or business. As your trusted locally owned and operated painting crew, we are standing by and ready to get started so you can enjoy your new space in a reasonable timeframe. We invite you to learn more about our quality staining and refinishing services. Contact us for a complimentary estimate on any of our cost-effective services.

The Paint Store in Thomas, WV

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The Paint Store located in Morgantown, WV and Thomas, WV has everything you need to renew and refresh your north central West Virginia home, business, commercial, and industrial property, machinery, vehicles, and equipment from top to bottom, inside and out.